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Artwork by Wes Flanary

I've created traditional art over the years in various forms and mediums, mostly landscapes and portraits of both people and pets. Along with experimenting with landscape styles, I did a portrait series of 30s and 40s movie starlets for practice. After seeing the classic Hollywood series, a friend and gallery owner asked me to do some pieces for a Halloween show in that same style but with classic monsters from the old Universal horror movies. The owner of a comic book shop, that also runs comicons in North Carolina, bought my version of The Creature From The Black Lagoon and suggested I join one of his local comicons. That suggestion opened a whole new world of pop culture and fan art. It's been a blast.

I still have a few things in traditional galleries and enter a few shows every now and then, but I love the interaction and seeing the reaction at comicons and other conventions. I bring the original paintings, fine art prints, stickers and even t-shirts of classic TV heroes and monsters in a style that brings them to life by capturing personality and emotion of the character.

You can take your pick of styles from below but feel free to browse through both. Thanks.

Traditional Art  -  Pop Culture

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