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Hey there,

I'm Wes Flanary. I like to paint. I went from doing "traditional art" in small galleries, which was an ok time, but now I'm focusing on pop culture subjects and traveling to conventions (Comic Cons, Horror Cons and Tattoo Cons). I'm having a blast doing art that I enjoy and meeting the people at the conventions. I'm also starting to add my own original concepts to the mix (sci-fi themed). Stay tuned.

A little history - I've been drawing since I was a child. A great high school art teacher that convinced me to pursue art and design. The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale actually gave me an opportunity to make a living in the creative field. I began with graphic design, while still dabbling in art, then I focused on video and photography production as I progressed and evolved through the years. All the while an eye for art and creativity guided what I do.

Because my day job was in the digital world, I had to find a more analog outlet for my creativity, so I started painting and drawing again. This has become a large part of what Flanary Creative is – Artwork by Wes Flanary is a division of Flanary Creative. You might ask, is there more to Flanary Creative than just the artwork? Maybe. Life is a work in progress.


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